Saturday, November 24, 2012

Typewriter spotting - NYC

Saw this typewriter at ABC furnishers near Union Square in New York City. Asking price 495 bucks. :)


  1. Looks like new. I wonder if it works. For that price it should be perfect.

  2. What do you suppose the seller has to say when the buyer comes back the next week after having researched his purchase?
    == Michael

  3. That's the thing - it isn't restored or even cleaned. But otherwise in good condition from what I could see, just a ton of dust. I didn't even bother testing it. I was told after from a friend they had more upstairs. I'll visit it next visit.

    I had seen a Los Angeles furniture store price Imperials in this range but they were mostly broken. But at least they were an "import".

    Either way I wasn't a buyer. The good thing about NYC is that I'll save a lot of money not buying typers here (unless I get hooked on ebay again).

  4. I'm starting feeling lucky that I'm from the Czech Republic. There, pre-war machines, if they are shiny and like new - aproximately 80 dollars.