Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Last British Typewriter

I saw this and found it interesting and thought I'd share. I thought I had read about the last typewriter manufactured a few years ago. 


  1. Perhaps it was. I never considered the daisy wheel ones like shown on the BBC yesterday a real typewriter. To me a typewriter with anything but type bars and slugs (except for the IBM Selectric line) fall short of being a true typewriter, but that is just me and not the rest of the world.

  2. Here's a comment from Robert Messenger that I found informative and posted to share:

    I’ve tried seven times to leave a comment on your blog, but it won’t let me. This was my comment:

    The last last typewriter story was last year. It concerned a Mumbai company which had stopped making typewriters in 2009 and had 500, mostly Arabic keyboard, typewriters it wanted to shift, so it floated the story that these were the last typewriters made anywhere in the world. The story was immediately debunked by typewriters enthusiasts worldwide, but we were mere voices in the wilderness. The story had gone viral on the web. Typewriters are still being made in China. The Brits have taken care not to make the same claim as the Mumbai people. Cheers!

  3. Thanks for sharing that link! The article and the links in the comments were quite informative.

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