Thursday, April 26, 2012

Typewriter Review : Dueling Skyriters

HipstaPrint by soho/prince
I decided to have a shoot out, or type off, between two different models of the Smith Corona Skywriter. On the right corner, we have a grey skywriter 4Y series. On the left corner, we have a tan skywriter 3Y series. I think both machines were manufactured in the 60s by their serial numbers, but the 3Y is from the 1950s design.

HipstaPrint by soho/prince
The 3Y won hands down. It invited me to type more, and I like that quality in a typer. I wouldn't have stopped if I hadn't reached the end of the paper.  I can't wait to actually write a few pages on this at a later date. And I did find myself a 2Y, but it was a fixer-upper and it's proven harder than I imagined. I'll post more on that as I figure it out!
HipstaPrint by soho/prince


  1. I like starters. They are quiet machines and very fun to use. My only complaint is the very soft metal they used for the type bars. I had noticed this earlier and it was confirmed by Bill at the Mesa Typewriter Exchange. The type bar slugs can get out of alignment easily.

    On another note, great blog. I look forward to reading more!

    1. The soft metal explains a lot about the slugs out of alignment. Thanks for the insight. I am starting to get alignment envy having seeing everyone else's typecasts!