Thursday, May 10, 2012

Would this be considered a typewriter??

I was cleaning out some of my junk and found this. Do you think people in the future will collect this? Will a labelsphere come about?

IMO : nah, this is going to Goodwill. I've got Typers for labeling now.


  1. Very creative typecast, but no typewriter in my opinion.

  2. Kinda cute! Sort of like my Sharp printing calculator/"typewriter."

    Labelsphere ... I like the concept.

  3. No, not a typewriter. There's no paper involved, for one thing.

    What tickles me is that I have a P-touch PT-350 sitting beside me as I write this. They are handy for labeling, but the tape is terribly expensive. It's a good thing I can buy them on a college library budget.

  4. I picked up one of those Dymo-tape labelers at a thrift store not long ago. It did come with red tape but I wanted to see if I could get more. My partner found some for sale on eBay, so you might try that avenue.